UK Oracle User Group

Performance of PL/SQL functions called from SQL

Date: Day 2 - 4th March

Time: 09:25 - 10:10

Track: Development

User-defined PL/SQL functions are a fantastic way to extend the capabilities of SQL in the Oracle database. You can compartmentalise your logic, use all the skills you have with PL/SQL & SQL and keep your application logic in the database. However, there are traps and pitfalls in calling PL/SQL from SQL There is a threat to point-in-time consistency, performance can be adversely impacted and how/when you PL/SQL functions are actually run is not well understood. I will describe these issues and how to avoid them or reduce their impact. This includes two new 12C features.

Presented by:
Martin Widlake, ORA600 ACE Director logo OakTable

Speaker biography: 
Martin is an Oracle ACE Director and a member of the Oaktable Network. He has been working with Oracle technology since 1992, mostly as a performance and database design expert as well as a PL/SQL programmer. He presents regularly on these topics, both across the UK and internationally, writes articles and has his own blog. Martin is passionate about user groups and sharing knowledge. He likes cats, beer and genetics.

Presentation content level: 2 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)

Audience experience: Experienced/Expert

Audience function: Oracle Product Expert