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Delivering Continuous Availability with Oracle Database 12c

Date: 22nd June

Time: 14:25 - 15:10

The goal of Continuous Availability is to hide all planned and unplanned outages from applications. Leveraging the capabilities of Oracle Database 12c, customers are making this a reality. There is no reason for scheduled maintenance to be a pain point for application users. Following simple configuration and operational practices, scheduled maintenance can be completely hidden from applications. Using features in the current and next release of Oracle Database 12c, no errors are reported for either new incoming work or to existing work during maintenance of the database servers. This is delivered with no changes to application code. Unplanned downtime can impact revenue and market share, and can permanently damage a company's reputation. Hiding outages from applications is achieved by using the latest high availability features of Oracle RAC and related technologies. This session will explain how you can deliver Continuous Availability with customer-proven solutions.

Presented by:
Michael Timpanaro-Perrotta, Oracle