UK Oracle User Group

So you signed your ULA, What do you do next.

Date: 15th March

Time: 11:05 - 11:50

Room:Balmoral One

In the last few years I have been involved in a few ULA certifications. Some have gone well and others have not. In this presentation I will offer some personnel advice on how to make the ULA certification run smoothly.
Topics covered:

  • Understanding your ULA
  • What to do and when
  • How to avoid the horror stories you never hear about.

Presented by:
Paul Bainbridge,  Fujitsu

Speaker Biography: 
Paul is a Solution Architect responsible for the design of Oracle Solutions that give the best Total Cost of Ownership to our clients. 
I am also a Oracle Licence SME and have been involved in Software Assets Management from before the year 2000 when I took my first Oracle Sales Champion course. Recently I have been involved in the end of ULA certifications for some of our major clients.

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