UK Oracle User Group

Oracle Licensing in the Cloud

Date: 15th March

Time: 11:05 - 11:50

Room: Balmoral Two

Deploying Oracle in the Cloud is slowly becoming a reality for more and more enterprises, but as ever, there are many urban myths about how Oracle licensing works and what you can really use in cloud environments. This is further complicated by so many cloud vendors clamouring to present their offerings and special deals to entice your adoption of their implementation of cloud. Version 1 is seeing many more customers fall into cloud licensing traps or simply fail to understand what they can and can’t do with Oracle in the cloud. 
Given the complexity of licensing Oracle products on-premise continuing to cause significant overhead, the move to cloud should make life easier all round– unfortunately this is turning out not to be the case.
Version 1 has already provided licensing consultancy to many enterprises adopting cloud, sharing expertise and experiences of other implementations and pitfalls. This presentation will discuss licensing Oracle in the cloud, permitted environments, myths, realities and behaviours from cloud providers.

Presented by:
Paul Bullen, Version 1

Speaker Biography: 
Paul Bullen is a principal licence consultant for Version 1, one of the largest Oracle consultancies across UK&I and provides a combination of technical and licence consultancy for their clients. He has been working with Oracle technologies for 15 years and has extensive production DBA, OEM and Real Application Clusters expertise as well as a long history of licence management for global organisations.   


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