UK Oracle User Group

ODA - The Exadata for the Small Wallet (& Experience With It)

Date: 12th May

Time:15:15 - 16:05


Exadata is very expensive and can sometimes be too expensive for SME’s, however they are in need of an engineered system too. Oracle provides this with the ODA - a solution for the price of a well equipped BMW 5. Who is using an ODA? What are the case studies for it? What are the problems? What are the benefits? A part of the presentation will be an overview of typical day to day problems and how to solve them, an overview about the performance (and problems) and a technical dive in some bugs and unexpected behaviours. And last but not least the answer to the question - Is the ODA the Exadata for the small wallet?

Presented by:
Thomas Freyer, Information Systems Engineering

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