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The Journey of a Bi-Stack to the Cloud

Date: 24th March

Time: 15:25 - 16:10


Bi is can be a complex matter in big organisations. This presentation will tell the story about a strategic business decision to move the on premise BI stack to the Microsoft Azure cloud. 

This presentation will cover:

  • How we managed to move +300TB to the cloud
  • Which services were chosen and why
  • How performance testing and sizing has been done
  • How automatic provisioning has been done for providing developers what they need in agreed SLA's
  • How we dealed with the short deadline
  • Why the Azure Cloud was chosen over the Oracle cloud
  • Cost savings?

The deadline of the project is currently end of the year 2016. This gives the opportunity to give you an insight in a very fresh finished project of the move to the cloud from a complete BI environment.

Presented by:

Pieter Van Puymbroeck, Exitas NV