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How AI and Machine Learning will transform Finance.

Date: 14th June

Time: 09:50 - 10:20

Abstract: The World Economic Forum claims the world is on the cusp of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution," caused by the rise of robots and artificial intelligence. WEF estimates that these technologies could potentially put 5 million people out of work by 2020.    A joint study by Citi and Oxford University earlier this year estimated that an incredible 77% of jobs in China could be at risk of automation, while the figure stands at 57% of jobs across the OECD. The rise of the “bots” in finance represents both a challenge and an opportunity.  A recent Deloitte analysis indicates that in the UK 56 per cent of roles in a typical UK finance function could be automated.    This presentation will explore current and future use cases for AI and Machine Learning in finance and how to prepare for the radical transformation these powerful tools will enable.  Finance has always been about numbers, but now it’s also about mastering algorithms.  Are you ready? What do you need to know to be ready?

Presented by: Paul Johnston, Qubix International Ltd

Speaker Biography: I have 20+ years of experience starting, growing and selling software businesses.  - I've worn many hats in my career -- corporate software sales, capital raising, business development, setting strategy, lead generation, sales manager, customer experience designer, cleaner.  - As a result I've got some pretty deep and broad skill sets that help to grow businesses and people.  - I have lot's of Big ideas. Execution is what matters though, and I do execution.  - I've been in the spotlight, but don't really care who gets the credit. I just like to win.  - I like the idea of crushing the competition - but not at the expense of values or customers.  - I believe in a servant based leadership culture.   - I've found that teams like to be aligned with a higher purpose  - I see my primary objective as playing my role in putting the shareholders and people at Qubix in a position of greater choices and options.


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