UK Oracle User Group

UKOUG CX/CRM Partner of the Year Award

Congratulations to our shortlisted partners:

Bullet point Boxfusion Consulting

Bullet point BPI on Demand

Bullet point Enigen UK

Bullet point Walpole Partnership


Category Criteria:

This award is for partners who deliver a full range of skills and services around Oracle customer experience (CX) solutions.

A partner qualifies for this category if they have achieved at least one of the following in the last 12 calendar months: 

Bullet point Delivered services (implementation, upgrade, enhancements) relating to Oracle Customer Experience (Marketing, Social, Salesforce Automation or Service) Solutions

Bullet point Helped client to identify a critical point(s) using the Customer Experience Journey Mapping and provided an innovative solution with an Oracle CX solution

Bullet point Provided an innovative implementation approach to an Oracle CX solution, or a unique viewpoint/capability within one or more Oracle CX products

Bullet point Augmented one or more of CX products through a customisation, enhancement etc, to add value to the existing product set, either as a customer-specific piece of work or available to the community as a whole

Bullet point Empowered users through training, resources etc. to utilise Oracle CX solutions efficiently

Clients should vote based on a partner's ability to demonstrate:

Bullet point Product knowledge

Bullet point Quality and delivery of service to the Customer through Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Bullet point An innovative approach to Oracle CX product utilisation

Bullet point Reporting/monitoring/customer services

Bullet point Adherence to Oracle Best Practice/standards