UK Oracle User Group

UKOUG Managed Services (Outsourcing and Operations) Partner of the Year Award - Applications

Congratulations to our shortlisted partners:

Bullet point Atos

Bullet point Capgemini UK

Bullet point Claremont

Bullet point Namos Solutions

Bullet point Symatrix

Bullet point Version 1


Category Criteria:

This award is for partners who deliver excellent managed services around Oracle Applications.

A partner qualifies for this category if they have achieved at least one of the following in the last 12 calendar months:

Bullet point Supported a major Oracle (or mixed architecture) estate as "Managed Service", involving multiple environments for one or more Oracle products, e.g. Databases, E-Business, CX, OBIA, Siebel

Bullet point Worked with the customer to ensure support and certification compliance and in some way enhanced the customer's experience of Oracle

Bullet point Worked with the customer to ensure license compliance for Oracle products as the environment changes

Bullet point Applied major patches / implemented changes in line with local legislative changes & requirements, e.g. TYE, SBO, DPA

Bullet point Providing guidance and advice of current certified and supported configurations

Bullet point Supporting custom built code which enhances the application experience for the customer

Bullet point Utilised and adopted industry standards e.g. ITIL, CEMLI

Bullet point Software support including regular patching

Clients should vote based on a partner's ability to demonstrate:

Bullet point Product knowledge

Bullet point Quality and speed of issue resolution

Bullet point An innovative approach to environment management

Bullet point Reporting / monitoring / customer services

Bullet point Adherence to Oracle Best Practice / standards

Bullet point An ongoing, internal competency in remote or on-site management of customer systems