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UKOUG Partner of the Year 2017/18 Voting open

17.0 UKOUG Partner of the Year Awards 2017

17.1 Nominations

17.1.1 All entrants must have permission from the relevant parties before nominating an organisation for an Award.

17.1.2 To enter a nomination for a UKOUG Partner of the Year Award, the organisation must be a supplier of Oracle-related products or services and be able to demonstrate that they meet the criteria for their chosen categories. Organisations who are unable to evidence this may be disqualified.

17.1.3 All nominations must be supported by the responses to all four nomination questions in each category.

Organisations are responsible for obtaining the relevant permissions to quote third party information or use customer names in advance of submitting their nomination.

17.1.4 All companies MUST have a UKOUG membership of Silver level or above prior to being shortlisted.

17.1.5 Organisations must be fully aware of the relevant criteria before nominating themselves for any award.

17.1.6 Nominations received after the official closing date will not be considered.

17.1.7 Nominations may be revoked or adjusted if an organisation has knowingly misrepresented themselves or provided incorrect information and such organisations may be prevented from entering the following year's nominations.

17.2 Adjudication

17.2.1 The goal of each adjudicator will be to short-list the number of nominees to a maximum of 6 in each category. The decision of the adjudication panel is final, as is that of UKOUG in all matters affecting the Awards, and no correspondence on this topic will be entered into.

17.3 Voting

17.3.1 Voters must be Oracle end users recognised by UKOUG (who are not required to be UKOUG members) and not provide any Oracle-related products or services to other companies.

17.3.2 Voters must provide a valid company email address, without which their vote will not be counted. Personal addresses, e.g. Hotmail, Gmail,, will not be accepted.

17.3.3 Voters have one vote per category.

17.3.5 Voters can only vote once per category but do not have to vote in all categories.

17.3.6 Multiple votes from a single organisation will be accepted as long as each vote can be identified as being from a different person.

17.3.7 In the event of a tie - for two gold winners, there will be no silver award and one bronze award. If there is a joint silver, then there will be no bronze award. If a joint bronze, two bronze awards will be given out.

17.3.8 There is a maximum of three final places for each category; unless there is a joint bronze place, whereby there will be four awards in total. A different Partner will be selected for each of the final places.

17.3.9 All awards are issued at the discretion of UKOUG. In categories with fewer than four shortlisted companies, only a Gold level award may be conferred at UKOUG’s discretion.

17.4 General

17.4.1 At least one member of each organisation must attend the Awards Ceremony in order to receive the Award(s) they have won. Awards will not be posted to winners who do not attend the ceremony.

17.4.2 Anyone found to be behaving in a manner that is detrimental to other guests at the Awards Ceremony will be immediately escorted off-site and will not be allowed to re-enter.

17.4.3 There will be no refunds issued for the purchase of the Awards Ceremony tickets.

17.4.4 UKOUG reserves the right to utilise all materials submitted as part of any entry, and any interviews given or photographs taken during the awards process, for the purposes of marketing. All supporting material will be kept confidential where required.

17.4.5 Entry into UKOUG Partner of the Year Awards is deemed acceptance of these rules and agreement to be bound by them, as well as our general website terms and conditions. UKOUG reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes online.

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