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Governing & Operating Board

Learn more about our governing structure.  


 Linda Barker      Paul Fitton

Linda BarkerPresident

Elected, term ends March 2017

Represents member views and be the voice of Oracle customers. Primary owner of the external communications with Press & relationships with Oracle.

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Paul Fitton, President Elect

Elected, term ends March 2017

Shadows President for 1 year (Non voting guest at Board meetings). Assumes President responsibilities on succession.




Fiona Martin

    Debra Lilley ACE Director    

Fiona Martin, Member Advocate Chair

Elected, term ends March 2017 

Coordinates internal communications between members, Operating Board & Oracle. Facilitate strategy. Represent member views.

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Debra Lilley, Member Advocate

Elected, term ends March 2018

Supports President and Member Advocate Chair in all their duties. Represents member views.

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Bryan Foss    

Ed Garner


Bryan Foss, Non-Executive Director

Appointed Independent Director

Provides domain (Governance) advice to the Board. Reports to Board.

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Ed Gardner, Finance Director

Appointed Executive

Oversight of Financial reporting and compliance. Reports to Board.


James Jeynes joins UK Oracle User Group as Executive Director

James Jeynes, Executive Director

Appointed Executive

Directs operations and leads the UKOUG Management Team. Authority to make operational decisions that are aligned with the Strategy & Business Plan.

Email to  | @jamesjeynes  |  Linkedin

Social media posts from board members' accounts are the individuals own opinion and not the official views of UK Oracle User Group. Follow the official @UKOUG account.