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Brendan Tierney

 Brendan Tierney

Brendan Tierney
Principal Consultant/  Lecuturer
Oralytics/ Dublin Institute of Technology

What have been the highs and lows of your business / IT / Oracle career?

Over the past 24+ years I’ve worked with Oracle technologies. I started my career as a graduate consultant with Oracle, then worked with various consulting companies, I was the first person hired in a start-up, I set-up as independent and share my knowledge with the next generation of IT professionals. Some of the particular highlights include: 

  • I’ve worked with all versions of Oracle Database, development and analytic tools since Oracle Version 5, Oracle Forms 2.3, RTP, ReportWriter 1.1, etc. 
  • Joined a start-up as the first person to be hired by the founders, the company quickly grew over a 3 year period to have over 250 employees in seven countries. I was responsible for leading the first projects in each new country, building data warehouses and predictive analytics. This company IPOed in 2016 with a valuation of over €100M and was bought in 2011 for over €250m. 
  • Responsible for designing and building some of the largest telecoms data warehouses and customer churn prediction solutions in Ireland, UK, Belgium and USA. 
  • Responsible for delivering one of the first Oracle Cloud Services projects in 2015.
  • In 2016 I setup a local OUG Meet-up group. This has grown during this time with regular attendance of over 40 people at each event. 
  • In 2017 I will publish my 4th book. This will book will be on Data Science for Managers. My previous books have covered the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option (2 books) and SQL & PL/SQL

What have you already achieved/ contributed to within the Oracle community?

I’m involved in a number of areas in UKOUG and beyond.

Editor of the UKOUG Oracle Scene magazine. I’ve been editor since May 2014 and previous to that I was deputy editor for 2 years.

Conference committee member for OUG Ireland (part of UKOUG). Over the past five years we have seen the number of attendees double and have expanded to a 2 day conference.

SIG Deputy chair for the Business Analytics and Technology SIGs in Ireland.

Founder of the OUG Meet-up in Ireland with 40+ regular attendees.

Previously UKOUG Technology conference committee member.

Committee member for Advanced Analytics and Visualization track of the KScope conference.

I regularly provide assistance, on community engagement, to user groups around the World.

I’m a regular speaker at various Oracle User Group conferences.

I’m an Oracle ACE Director since 2013 and previous to that I was an Oracle ACE since 2011.

I’m on the board of directors for the Data Management Association (DAMA) in Ireland.

What skills and strengths do you feel you would bring to UKOUG?:

Over the past 18 years I have been a member of the UKOUG. I have seen the UKOUG evolve several times over that period and have seen many changes. We will continue to see many challenges and changes in the years to come. I'm a believer in getting involved in the community. I went through the stages of being a member and attendee at events, into presenting at events, to being involved in various parts of the UKOUG. I’m an enthusiastic member of the community and I bring a range of skills to the role including my Oracle product knowledge and having worked in many different companies, at different levels, in a number of countries. I want to see UKOUG continue to evolve and grow and I will bring my experiences to enable this to happen.

What improvement would you make to UKOUG?:

UKOUG has continuously evolved over the time that I’ve been a member. We need to continuously evolve to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of the members. Some of the areas that I’m particularly interested in include:

Evolve the content and value to the members. We need to look at how our members want to learn. We all learn in different ways. The UKOUG has a wealth of knowledge from previous SIGs, events, conferences and an article library. We need to ensure that this information is current and delivered in a way that suits the members in our changing world.

Look at expanding the range and types of events for our members. Not every event has to be in-person. We can easily expand into having more web based events. For example, we could delivering lunch time web casts, or have them at 5pm. Having smaller events like this makes it easier for our members to learn without having to take time out of the office.

Empower the SIGs and committees to be more agile and to look at how they can lead and run their events in different ways, with support from the UKOUG office.

Look at how we can cater for the needs of the “new” and the more established Oracle professional. Depending on the stage of your career each group of member will have different needs.


I’m active member of the UKOUG and I can see the benefits of it. During the time I’ve been a member I’ve seen the organisation evolve. We will need to continue to change over the coming years. We need to constantly evaluate our offerings, how we deliver events, how we help our members to continuously learn and how being a member is invaluable.

The members are core of this organisation. Through my involvement with the UKOUG, with my experiences and exposures to other user groups we can see how well positioned the UKOUG is and how we can learn and improve based on what is happening elsewhere. The UKOUG has a very active and committed team of volunteers involved in running the various SIGs. We will look at how these people can be supported to allow them to explore the best way to evolve their communities.