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16th Aug 2017

Mini-Series: SplashBI - Ad hoc and Editing Reports

Location: Webinar

Our weekly mini-series webinars will each focus on a feature or functionality contained within our solutions. For a full list of upcoming webinars, or to see prior webinars, please visit

Mini-Series: SplashBI - Ad hoc and Editing Reports

For most users, customizing reports is something they dream about. Adding a column or calculation requires a change request to IT, and then it goes into the queue where it may sit for weeks, or maybe even months. With SplashBI, we empower users to ad hoc themselves without pulling in IT. Make a copy of your report and add or remove columns, change formats, add a pivot table, and so much more, all with a user friendly front-end.

Join Rafael Torres, our Director of Financial Reporting, and learn how you can take reporting into your own hands!



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