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Time: 11:50 AM - 12:50 PM

Track: Track 1

Over the years, Oracle has had the ability to recover a database from either instance or media failure, albeit hardware failure, data corruption or indeed even user induced trauma, but during that time they have improved the features that further solidify their lead in recoverability and availability.

Oracle introduced the Flashback technology in 9i, although it didn’t appear to that popular in its usage, however, they enhanced it further in 10g, to enable us to recover a database reasonably quickly and more efficiently, certainly reducing production downtime, where it counts most.

This presentation incorporates an introduction to Backup & Recovery, explaining where it fits within the world of Databases, why a backup is needed, it’s main purpose and most of all, where and how to incorporate Flashback into our environments.

Presented by

  • Simon Swann, Northgate Public Services

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