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29th Mar 2017

PeopleSoft Incident Response Techniques

Location: Webinar

Your payroll manager just notified you that 3 employees have not received their paycheck. Additional research indicates that these payments have been routed to an offshore bank account. Where do you go from here? PeopleSoft systems are increasingly being targeted:

-Data leakage
-PS_TOKEN cracking
-Malicious and inadvertent insider

30th Mar 2017

It's Do-It-Yourself Business Intelligence and Reporting!

Location: Webinar

People are ditching costly contractors, and the DIY trend is on the rise. Why should your Business Intelligence tool be any different?

4th Apr 2017

Excel Charting, Graphing and Data Visualisation with MrExcel

Location: Webinar

Standout in your next meeting and bring your report to life using icon sets and colour scales! Join MrExcel as he shares best practices for Excel Charting, Graphing and Data Visualisation.

Learn how to efficiently make charts and graphs in Excel using just one keystroke.

11th Apr 2017

Is Oracle HCM Cloud right for you? Understanding Oracle HCM Cloud Core HR and Talent Management

Location: Webinar

While Cloud solutions are continually being pushed by Oracle, many managers don't completely understand the benefits and changes that come along with it.

The power of Succession Planning and Talent Management within a robust HR Cloud application will provide executives with the tools to address the issue of adapting new ways to improve your workforce using the latest and greatest cloud technologies. A successful Implementation of these cloud technologies can help you shape the future of the overall user experience for HCM Cloud applications and your organization's return on investment.

19th Apr 2017

Next Generation Reporting: Saying Goodbye to Oracle Discoverer

Location: Webinar

Are you looking for a replacement for Oracle Discoverer? Does your wish list include a reporting tool that can not only convert your existing reports, but can also give you access to all E-Business modules, as well as provide real-time data, data drill-downs, and all within a familiar Excel environment?

Join us for a webinar with Malcolm Hewlett and David Rincon as they discuss and demonstrate, live, a user and cost-friendly alternative to Oracle Discoverer that includes a rapid converter.

19th Apr 2017

University of Central Florida: Post-breach Mitigation & Prevention Strategy

Location: Webinar

How do you justify making a significant investment in protecting your PeopleSoft systems? We at UCF learned first hand following a highly publicized breach in January 2016. We had to balance the demand of law enforcement and lawyers with investigating the incident while preserving forensic integrity while moving to protect our systems. During this time, there were many costs associated with the data loss. We will discuss the hidden and direct costs on the organization as a whole as well as, the mitigation strategy moving forward.

20th Apr 2017

Oracle Code

Location: London

Oracle Code is a series of one-day developer conferences being held in 20 cities worldwide, focusing on building modern web, mobile, enterprise, and cloud-native applications.

25th Apr 2017

UKOUG EPM & Hyperion Webinar 3

Location: Webinar

25th Apr 2017

UKOUG Higher Education SIG

Location: Oracle, Blythe Valley Park, Solihull

26th Apr 2017

UKOUG PeopleSoft Roadshow 2017

Location: Crowne Plaza, London - The City

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