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Consolidating on Exadata Database Machine: Managing Resources

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Time: 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Track: Track 1

The horsepower provided by Exadata storage allows the same hardware to handle many smaller environments simultaneously. When one or more of those environments has business critical functionality, it is important to ensure that the business critical functions continue even when other applications have a peak load. Resource management features and good planning can enable the best of both worlds and leverage the investment in the Exadata Database Machine platform more effectively. This is not a sales pitch, but a review of the technical data points that enable these features and an examination of the test results of some sample configurations. As part of Exadata development, I can also be convinced to discuss other Exadata-related topics without too much trouble.

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  • Dan Norris, Oracle

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PDFConsolidating on Exadata Database Machine: Managing Resources

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