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13th Jun 2017

Does your data tell a story? Dashboards and Visualizations with ease!

Location: Webinar

Dashboards and visualizations offer unique perspectives on your data that can't be seen simply through Excel spreadsheets. Trends, anomalies, patterns, and more can give you insight and help you make better business decisions like lowering costs or increasing revenues.

However, many business intelligence solutions available on the market are complicated, have a significant learning curve, and are extremely expensive. SplashBI is different... it is a solution designed by users FOR users, and is really a true self-service BI solution. Now, everyone can do more than just report on their data, they can visualize it!

14th Jun 2017

Making the most of Campus Solutions 9.2

Location: Webinar

Fluid Self Service Transactions have been available in Campus Solutions 9.2 since last summer. Are you ready? In this demo-intensive session, we will outline the Fluid functionality and deployment options available.

15th Jun 2017

Be your end users’ Superhero, and give them their data in Excel!

Location: Webinar

Whether it’s month end, or just a weekly report, most users spend quite a bit of time dumping and analyzing their data in Excel, and then rinse and repeat every time. Why not give them their data in Excel to begin with, and let them just click refresh whenever they need it! In this webinar, we will cover:
· How to run a report from any data source and pull it directly into Excel
· Modifying a report to suit your needs
· Pivot Tables
· Refreshing a Report and retaining your changes
· Ad Hoc capability

15th Jun 2017

The Sales and Marketing Funnel: Bigger and Better Analytics

Location: Webinar

In many organizations, there is not always an alignment of Sales and Marketing Goals. Leveraging the right data and metrics from various systems (CRM, Web Analytics, & Marketing Automation) not only help sync sales and marketing efforts but also provides a positive financial impact. By utilizing data from disparate systems, like Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, etc., Sales and Marketing leaders will have full visibility of the sales funnel and may immediately identify and address any stage that requires immediate executive attention.

From lead generation to qualification to winning business, sales leaders will know if any stage is not at a level that supports the revenue targets. In this webinar, our CMO, Marc Ramos, and our VP of Sales, Tom Ericson will discuss the visualizations and reports that every sales & marketing leader must have to effectively manage their teams.

22nd Jun 2017

Life After Discoverer... Where to go and how to get there!

Location: Webinar

As Oracle de-supports Discoverer, many companies are struggling to find the right ‘replacement’ tool that will protect their investment and will minimize the impact on IT staff and end users.

27th Jun 2017

Making the Most of Fluid and HCM 9.2

Location: Webinar

Belmero, leaders in providing PeopleSoft Functional and Business process optimization, and GreyHeller, the premier provider of technology to modernize PeopleSoft, join forces in providing this demo- intensive session.

Learn how to maximize and accelerate your ERP and HCM ROI through modernization and optimization.

Topics include:

- overcoming the challenges of Fluid

- what's involved in optimization and best practices

- understanding common misconceptions associated with when best to optimize

- how working with GreyHeller's PeopleMobile can optimize the user experience without costly customization of the PeopleSoft application and provide an agile deployment of Fluid.

28th Jun 2017

Best Practices in Securing PeopleSoft

Location: Webinar

PeopleSoft is a rich target for cybercrime. In this demo-intensive session, we will cover the leading threat vectors that PeopleSoft customers are facing as well as strategies for addressing them.

3rd - 5th Jul 2017

Advanced Analytics with Oracle’s R Technologies

Location: Euston House

Oracle has made significant investments in the R language with Oracle R, ROracle and Oracle R Enterprise. Using these tools, data scientists and business intelligence practitioners can work together more efficiently and can transition between these roles more easily. R has a notoriously difficult learning curve, so Rittman Mead has designed a course for Oracle professionals that draws on their existing skills to accelerate their growth into R programmers and data scientists.