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Database Security, Risk, and Compliance in the Age of Cyber War, George Fyffe, Director of European Operations, AppSec

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Time: 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

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Cyber terrorism is a constant concern for governments and the private sector.  With little if any strategic defence doctrine in place, and so many questions left unanswered, the threat of cyber war is becoming far more likely, and therefore far more dangerous.  The surface area to defend is immense, the attack vectors are constantly changing, the perpetrators are generally unknown, and the vulnerability of the targets is unacceptably high. Will the next World War be fought as a cyber war?
With the advent of the World Wide Web, humanity gained free and unlimited access to vast amounts of information and resources.  E-commerce has thrived, and the Web offers millions of people limitless access to information - but this new era of business is also accompanied by new threats.
This same period also ushered in the harsh and unprecedented age of computer hacking. Hacking that comes in a variety of types and skill levels – from crackers, hactivists, to cyber terrorists.  What began purely as entertainment, has now evolved into a global conflict terror campaign against corporations, government organizations, and individuals.  Today, the simple act of opening an email from an unknown source has become a high-risk endeavour
Despite spending billions of dollars over the last decade on “super-secure” network strategies, the statistics suggest that our efforts thus far to defend ourselves have failed.  In 2009 alone, over 222 million database records were breached, costing companies an average of $204 per exposed record.  And the problem is accelerating.  Clearly the time has come to protect our data in the database, where it lives 99.999% of the time.
Databases contain our most valuable economic, personal, and government information.  It is critical, therefore, that we protect such sensitive information in order to safeguard businesses, individuals, political systems, and human rights worldwide.  Why should there be increased focus on sensitive data security? Because when data stores are compromised, our society is at risk.
But if databases are so critical, why are they are so vulnerable?  What happened along the way that allowed us to leave our most critical assets unprotected?

During this presentation, major topics surrounding the external threats and the challenges of security, combined with the increasing threat of cyber war will be discussed.  Recommendations to protect sensitive data from attack will be provided.


George Fyffe is the Director of EMEA Operations with Application Security, Inc. He brings a proven track record in revenue generation and strategic partnership development to the AppSec team. As Director of EMEA Operations, George is responsible for driving revenue growth in Europe through a combination of direct sales and channel partnerships with European based resellers and service providers.

Prior to joining Application Security, Inc., George spent more than four years leading the Boldon James security business in the UK, where he drove the company’s expansion in both the military and commercial security software markets. Previous to his role within Boldon James, George worked with the Protek Group, where he held the title of Professional Service Director.  His focus was on the provision of worldwide services to the systems management and security marketplace. George was also on the Protek Group Board for eight years. 

Over the past 25+ years, George has established an accomplished career in systems management and security. Before joining the Protek Group, he held senior management positions at United Utilities where he was instrumental in the expansion of the United Utilitie International business, as well as holding technical architecture posts in the UK. Earlier computing expertise was earned at ICL Fujitsu where George worked on Operating System design. George holds an Honours Degree in Mathematics and Statistics.  

Speaking Experience Includes: 

  • ISACA Conferences in London and Stockholm 
  • SNW Security Conference Germany 2007
  • ISACA Global e-Symposium
  • HP and Microsoft Conferences in the UK
  • Various seminars round Europe 

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PPTXDatabase Security, Risk, and Compliance in the Age of Cyber War

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