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UKOUG Tom Kyte Seminar 2013

5th Dec 2013
09:00 - 17:00

Free Trade Hall
Peter Street

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Optimizer One-Day Master Class

Since its introduction in Oracle 7, people have been fascinated and intimidated by the Cost-Based Optimizer and the statistics it relies on. It has long been felt that the internals of the Optimizer were shrouded in mystery and that a degree in wizardry is required to be able to make it do the right thing. This one day workshop will explain the fundamentals of the cost based Optimizer and the statistics that feed it, as well as providing a methodology for diagnosing and resolving SQL execution performance problems. The workshop begins with an in-depth look at statistics and statistics maintenance, a challenge all DBAs must face in order to prevent suboptimal execution plan. This presentation includes information on the features introduced in Oracle Database 11g to improve the quality and efficiency of statistics gathering, as well as strategies for managing statistics in various database environments. These strategies include how to use dynamic sampling and when, and how, to manually set statistics directly versus collecting them.

The workshop continues with a detailed explanation on how to interpret an execution plan. Each aspects of an execution plan is examined, from cardinality estimates to parallel execution and you will learn what information you should be gleaming from the plan and how it affects the execution.

After lunch the workshop focuses on the process of analyzing and resolving the most common SQL execution performance problems including, poor cardinality estimations, bind peeking issues, selecting the wrong access method and more. With clear how-to examples you will learn how to identifying and quickly resolving these issues and develop a methodology to prevent them in the future.


This event is chargable to both UKOUG members and non members.

If you are member of UKOUG and would like to attend this event a charge of £125 +VAT will apply.

Non-members will be charged £175 +VAT

3 Reasons why you should attend this SIG:

  • 100% of delegates from the last SIG rated the overall experience as either ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.
  • 80% of delegates from the last SIG rated the agenda as either ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.
  • Delegates attend this seminar as “Tom Kyte is an expert in his area and a value to hear him speak”.


Day 1

08:00 Registration & Coffee 
09:00 Welcome & Introduction
  1. Lisa Dobson
09:15 Introduction to the Oracle Optimizer and in-depth discussion on statistics
  1. Tom Kyte, Oracle
10:45 Coffee 
11:00 Explain the explain plan
  1. Tom Kyte, Oracle
12:30 Lunch & Networking 
13:30 Detailed look at what can cause an execution plan to go wrong
  1. Tom Kyte, Oracle
15:00 Coffee 
15:15 Guide to tuning SQL statements
  1. Tom Kyte, Oracle
16:45 AOB & Close 

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Faye Wood
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