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Devops - Sprinting with Oracle. CI/CD Pipelines with Oracle Application development

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Time: 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM

Track: Track 1

Delivering quickly and repeatedly is a challenge with any organisation and technology today. As new technology arrives, the ability to integrate it with your delivery pipeline grows larger. DevOps itself applies even more pressure to realise the mantra “deliver early, deliver often” so how can you achieve this without losing time and focus on building your app? There are a whole range of tools available to help you to template, build, package and deploy to production, but how do you hook them into your chosen platform? Find out how Oracle is making the technology supporting your DevOps approach simpler with more ways to deliver quickly, automate and improve product quality without the overhead of building it all yourself. 

Presented by

  • James Allerton-Austin, Oracle