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IAM 11g R2 Patch Set 3 Preview

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Time: 11:40 AM - 12:20 PM

Track: Track 1

With the wide range of threats against end-users today, authenticating a user based purely based on a credential is no longer mitigating risk to an acceptable level, especially for access to sensitive information. Introducing risk-based access is seen by many as a key requirement of access management solutions. This approach utilizes additional contextual information such as device and location information and also uses behavioural analysis to identify the risk associated with a request and what mitigating steps to take. This could include raising the authentication level with an additional challenge. This session will focus on Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, how it identifies risks and mitigates them. It looks at the end-user journey as well as a number of administrative functions, including performing fraud analysis to identify and address suspicious behavior.

Presented by

  • Luke Fensome, Oracle