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Real Life WebLogic Performance Tuning: Tales and Techniques from the Field

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Time: 2:55 PM - 3:40 PM

Track: Track 1

WebLogic delivers the industry standard in performance and High Availability, however many applications in the field have performance and scalability issues. This presentation will be a mixture of animated graphical slides depicting the thought processes used in diagnosing performance and scalability issues. We will then look at tools including the WebLogic Console, WebLogic Diagnostic Framework and JRockit Mission Control including demos of the use of the tools in practice.

Top 3 things that the audience will take away from your presentation

  • This presentation takes you through the tools and tricks of the trade of a performance specialist who has spent many years tuning WebLogic large scale production applications since version 6.x. 
  • You will learn the standard process used for diagnosis and then through practical demonstrations we will track down typical performance problems using the standard tools available in WebLogic, JRockit and other tools. 
  • We will see some real case studies of system problems and how they were solved.


Presented by

  • Steve Millidge, C2B2 Consulting Limited