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GeoFleet – Real time vehicle tracking with APEX 5 and Oracle Mapviewer

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Time: 10:10 AM - 10:55 AM

Track: Track 1

The fleet consists of over 450 vehicles and the original application was written in Visual Basic and Oracle database, and used google maps for its mapping. It was time for a refresh and we decided to use APEX 4(migrating to APEX 5) and Oracle Mapviewer. We also linked Oracle Mapviewer into our existing Ordnance Survey Maps via WMS.

The system is totally in-house and we source discounted tracking units directly from supplier which are installed with EE sims (£4/month) for connection via 4G/3G. The oracle application gathers data from the trackers every 5 seconds and some nifty PLSQL converts and reprojects the GPS point events into spatial line and point objects in oracle spatial (locator) tables. Once converted to spatial features then a whole plethora of spatial functions can be used, e.g. trip lengths, geofences, out of hours, log books, complex spatial reports and APEX interactive Reports.

The system has paid for itself many times over as we have counteracted many invalid insurance claims and optimised vehicle use. It has now become an invaluable operational and management tool. Reducing our fleet by 1 vehicle can save over £100k per annum. In conjunction with vehicle routing, we have also made considerable savings in fuel.

Typical commercial tracking systems are in the region of £15-£25 per vehicle per month. It would have cost us over £100k per annum. We are also now piloting the system for neighbouring Authorities with an expected income.

APEX with its rapid development together with some clever plsql has delivered a superior web-based product in-house, on time and fit for purpose.


Presented by

  • Andrew Miller & Kevin Williams, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council