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The journey from Forms to APEX is easier than you think

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Time: 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Track: Track 1

More and more companies are migrating from their Legacy Oracle Forms Application to APEX; but what are the development considerations when approaching such a task? In this presentation we will demonstrate that APEX is the ideal platform which, as a minimum, can do everything Oracle Forms can do and much more (e.g. plugins, maps, jQuery libraries and more). Then we will discuss, backed up with real-life examples, the various approaches you can take to upgrading your Forms application to APEX whether this be a small or a large application. The presentation will conclude by, drawing on our experience in migrating several Forms application to APEX, demonstrating the various technical issues encountered and how these can be overcome.

Presented by

  • Craig Sykes & Matt Mulvaney, Explorer