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Payroll Interfaces

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Time: 2:25 PM - 3:10 PM

Track: Track 1

Payroll Interfacing choices and options.

Fusion HCM Cloud includes Payroll Interfacing functionality. Payroll Interface is a close loop business process, not just a report.
When considering to outsource payroll to externally, there are many options and dimensions to consider:
• Local or Global.
• Single country or multiple countries.
• Single vendor or multiple suppliers.
• Payroll Processor or aggregator.
• Organization, central control or distributed autonomy.
• Level of control of Payroll process from HR.
• Maintenance and regulatory compliance.

The presentation will describe the options for Payroll processing within Fusion HCM, its components, the roadmap and vision, as well as illustrate the relevance of the factors above in deciding what combination will suit you best.

Presented by

  • Daan Egmond, Fusion Product Strategist, Oracle