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What does Digital Disruption Mean To The Oracle Ecosystem?

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Time: 12:05 PM - 12:50 PM

Track: Track 1

Disruption is not just for the consumer, it is also for the provider. Look at how the big vendors are clambering for market share of cloud. There is no doubt cloud is here, now, the just talking about it is over; the move to cloud marches quickly on. Cloud is not just about hosting, and I believe there is a lot of deliberate confusion and clever use of words from all the vendors, and each have their own definition of what makes a ‘real’ cloud, but what is true to all, is that cloud matters.

So if we accept that this change is here, what is it mean to you?   One question I get asked a lot by technical people is “what does this mean to my job? I’m a DBA / Developer in an organization supporting EBS / PeopleSoft etc. and we are thinking of moving to Cloud. Does it mean I won’t have a job?”   The answer is, as Tom would say, “it depends.”

This presentation will explore what Digital Disruption means to the Oracle Eco-system, Their product, the way they work, Partners, Professionals and Customers and of course user groups


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  • Debra Lilley, Certus Solutions

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