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Running Oracle BI as a Hybrid Cloud/On-Premise Deployment

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Time: 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Track: Track 1

Running Oracle BI in a Hybrid On-Premise/Cloud Environment - is It Possible, What Are the Benefits?

Many organisations are looking to take advantage of the potential cost-saving and agility benefits of hosting their Oracle BI platform in Oracle Public Cloud, but would like to be able to keep parts of the platform and data sources on-premise or in other cloud environments, creating what is termed a “hybrid” cloud/on-premise environment. In this session we’ll look at how well Oracle’s BI Cloud Service connects with on-premise and third-party cloud/SaaS data sources and whether it’s still possible to use Oracle Data Integrator in hybrid environments, and we’ll also look at issues such as single sign-on back to your corporate desktop environment along with options for security integration. We’ll look at recent innovations and announcements around Oracle BI12’s “Pluggable Databases” feature and see how it will eventually support portability for BI applications between cloud and on-premise installs, allowing you to seamlessly move applications between development and production, on-premise and cloud, via a single BI Archive file. And Finally - we’ll look at what are the benefits to your organisation are when taking this approach, how costs and licenses transition as parts of the BI platform migrate, and how partners such as Rittman Mead can help take you through this journey

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  • Mark Rittman, Rittman Mead

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PDFRunning Oracle BI as a Hybrid Cloud/On-Premise Deployment - Mark Rittman, Rittman Mead

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