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A Day In The Life Of An Enterprise Manager Agent

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Time: 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM

Track: Track 1

The aim of this session will be to inform the Enterprise Manager administrator what’s going on behind the scenes as an Enterprise Manager 12c Agent takes care of it’s daily business. Attendees will gain insight into the processes involved in collecting data, responding to conditions affecting target state and how each Enterprise Manager Agent plays it’s part in taking care of automation of tasks in todays data centre or private cloud environments.

Gaining an insight into how the Enterprise Manager Agent works will help EM administrators deal with debugging situations and will also help them devise better management solutions for their environments.

The session assumes a some familiarity with the Enterprise Manager product but it's not essential as the session will take a little time to cover the EM architecture and the EM12c Agent’s role in that architecture in sufficient detail to set the context to understand the Agent concepts presented.

Three top things the audience will take away from the presentation:

  • Understand what the EM12c Agent does within the EM infrastructure
  • Understand some of the underlying processes that the Agent runs to take care of EM based tasks
  • Learning some the high level architecture of the Agent which may assist when debugging EM problems.


Presented by

  • Andrew Bulloch, Oracle

Attached Documents

PDFA Day In The Life Of An Enterprise Manager Agent - Andrew Bulloch, Oracle

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