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Designing Practical Audit Trails In Oracle

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Time: 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Track: Track 1

Securing your data is important in this data fueled age. A good first step is often to know what is going on now with your data. Understanding who did what and when could be expensive and difficult to achieve but it doesnt need to be.

Pete discusses how to design practical audit trails for use now in your databases using only standard features and settings. This will enable you to build a process to report, escalate and manage access to your audit trail data and act upon it.

Pete also discusses layered design that protects the audit trails themselves and talks about the practicalities of taking advantage of the free solutions in the database software.

Often audit trails including reporting and management can be up and running quickly because they use known features to the implementor - i.e. database settings, simple SQL reports, simple controls to protect and manage.

Presented by

  • Pete Finnigan,

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