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Oracle Database 12c New Features

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Time: 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Track: Track 1

Originally developed and presented to my principal customer on-site as part of a knowledge transfer session into the new features of Oracle Database 12c
Covering topics not so well known and outside of the normal 'marketing' slides about the product.

Tries to cover things that will affect a DBA on their day-to-day encounters with the new version.

Three things that the audience will take away from this presentation:

  • An insight into some useful tools and techniques for deploying on 12c
  • New things to be aware of that could otherwise catch you out
  • An appreciation that there is a lot more to 12c than just the headline features

Presented by

  • Jamie Wallis, Oracle

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PPTXOracle Database 12c New Features

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