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Fundamentals of Troubleshooting (without graphics) pt. 1

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Time: 1:40 PM - 2:40 PM

Track: Track 1

There are only three ways you can waste resources on an Oracle system, and only three different types of activity that need to be investigated. If you don't appreciate that this is the case then you can waste a lot of time following the wrong strategy. In an ideal world, everyone who had to handle performance problems would have access to the AWR through a graphic interface - or one of the substitutes if you are running Standard Editions - but in the real world I find many people who should be allowed to use the tools having to rely instead on basic SQL. In the first presentation of the pair we will discuss the strategic side of trouble shooting; in the second we will move on to the mechanisms we can use in a non-graphic environment to follow the correctly selected strategy.

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  • Jonathan Lewis, JL Computer Consultancy

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PDFFundamentals of Troubleshooting (without graphics)

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