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A practical guide towards Information Architecture Governance

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Time: 2:20 PM - 3:10 PM

Track: Track 1

The need for information architectures to be surrounded by a governance framework is gaining ever wider acceptance in the marketplace. Now more than ever, given today’s complex information architectures, it is essential that organisations understand the concept of ‘data as value’. Data is one of a company’s primary assets, and therefore must be governed and managed in order to maximise benefit and control cost. Much valuable research has been published on the subject, but this rarely extends beyond academic concepts. Time, then, to put these concepts to work in the real world.  

This presentation, against a context of real-life case studies and examples, aims to provide practical guidance on why information architecture governance is important, and how embarking on such a programme directly supports the key business drivers of increasing revenue, controlling cost and complexity, and managing risk. In addition, the paper will consider agile/lean governance approaches for an increased time-to-value outcome.

Presented by

  • Stefan Heumann, Sopra Group

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PDFA practical guide towards Information Architecture Governance

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