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Cheshire West and Chester County Council’s Journey to Oracle HR Cloud with Evosys as Their Implementation Partner

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Time: 2:05 PM - 2:50 PM

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Cheshire West and Chester Council is a relatively new local authority having been brought together following Local Government Re-organisation in 2009.  Located in the North West of England bordering the Manchester and Merseyside regions, the organisation employs around 4,500 people.  Over the last six years, the organisation has been on a rapid period of change to reach the aim of becoming the best Council, driving efficiencies and developing a culture of innovation. 
The organisation has moved towards being a commissioning organisation meaning that that the organisation is moving away from directly providing services. This has resulted in the Council developing some separate companies.  One of these companies, CoSocius Ltd is a shared service organisation which has been created in partnership with Cheshire East Borough Council to provide ICT support along with transactional finance, payroll and HR.

The Problem

As a large employer, the Council is regularly recruiting to a wide range of roles, at varying levels across the organisation.  The previous system, whilst electronic, was out-dated and the skills to maintain and develop this no longer existed in the organisation.  The process was very manual and required a small team to administer and process applications.  This meant that the Manager was unable to control their vacancy and slowed the process of recruitment.  Overall the recruitment team were managing almost 900 vacancies and 5000 applicants annually.The applicant process was also fairly outdated too.  Applicants were unable to register for alerts, their application had to be completed in full for each job they applied for and they wouldn’t receive any feedback on their application.
Overall, this process didn’t reflect the aspirations of the organisation.  The recruitment process should be a ‘shop window’ for the organisation but the current system just didn’t reflect the brand that the organisation was trying to promote.

The Solution

After considering I-Recruitment, there were a number of barriers that we faced to implement this.  The implementation of any solution would be complex due to the different organisations involved.  CoSocius provides recruitment administration support to Cheshire West and Chester Council, Cheshire East Council, and for their own organisation.  However, any solution also needed to be adaptable to use in more organisations too to reflect the creation of other companies in the future.   In addition to this, any solution also needed to be able to integrate with the existing Oracle R12 solution so that the process could be a simple as possible for all involved; applicants, Hiring Managers, HR and Payroll.

After being made aware that Oracle had purchased Taleo and being aware that Taleo Recruit was one of the market leading solutions for recruitment, this was considered to be the most effective solution.  One of the key advantages of this solution was that it was cloud-based and so this meant that Managers across the organisation could access the system, in real-time, wherever they are.

The Taleo Recruit solution means that Hiring Managers have total control of their vacancies, which includes creating their vacancy, posting this on the recruitment pages, reviewing applications as and when they are received, scheduling their own interviews and generating offers which are relayed through the system. 
For applicants, they can create their own profile to generate notifications of vacancies which meet their selection criteria, using their CV to populate their application and see changes to their application status in real time.  They can also review vacancies and submit an application from whichever type of device that they choose, PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. 

The Benefits

The system was implemented within a period of 12 weeks, and this included a period of close-down over the Christmas and New Year period.  The organisation now has one instance of Taleo working across three organisations, and there are plans to consider how this can be taken across more organisations as part of the move to create more separate companies.  Access to the system is easy to provide, as the system is cloud-based, the solution can be rolled out readily across different locations with relative ease, as long as the user has an internet connection.
In addition to this, there are metrics easily available to monitor and measure the volume and success of recruitment campaigns, meaning that they can be adapted and changed as time progresses rather than being fixed in time.  Overall, this has increased the pace of recruitment meaning that Managers can recruit a suitable candidate much quicker than previously.

Presented by

  • Sanjay Pandey, Evosys, Rosemary Hodgson, Cheshire West & Cheshire Council & Jenny Green

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