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Cloud Masterclass: What do all of these acronyms mean?! EPRCS, PBCS, EPBCS, ARCS etc

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Time: 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

Track: Track 1

There was a time when SaaS and cloud-based applications would have been light on functionality and limited in value. Times have changed. With more sophisticated infrastructure and powerful database architecture migrating to cloud environments, the foundation for business analytics has never been more robust. Today’s cloud users are exploiting an agile decision environment to equip more users with the tools they need, and deliver more insight-driven performance:

* - 58% of cloud users are driven to analytics to keep pace with the competition.
- 71% of leading cloud analytics users saw improved trust in their underlying data.
- Leaders saw 3x the increase in operating profit compared to followers.

While first-generation technologies appealed to those well-versed in the movement and management of data, the modern analytical environment is designed for a different audience. Line-of-business empowerment is not about filling IT tickets faster or delivering more weekly reports to executives. The user-focused approach is geared toward awakening the analytical talent in non-technical roles and producing real results. 
Sounds simple right? Find a solution to escape the complexity of manual financial systems, reveal invaluable data driven insight, and boost cash flows in a connected business world. Neil Sellers, Director, Qubix, will be your helping-hand in this masterclass session as you start your journey of discovery in the Cloud, understand what all those acronyms mean and learn how the right Cloud solution will unlock fast data driven decisions.

*Aberdeen Research

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  • Neil Sellers, Qubix

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