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How you can use 'Virtual Assistants' to Enhance Your Service and Deliver Savings

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Time: 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Track: Track 1

Go onto any major consumer website and you'll likely see a tab marked 'Live Chat', enabling you to ask questions or raise service requests by having a conversation rather than picking up the phone or filling out forms. At the other end is normally a 'chatbot' that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret the conversation and provide automated responses. The benefits to the business are obvious - improve employee experience, reduce the human cost on your service desk and drastically improve response times for simple queries.

Chatbot technology is starting to hit enterprise systems too. If Google can answer the question "What is the temperature in Birmingham" why can't an HR system answer "What is my holiday balance?" or "When will I next get paid?".   In this presentation we'll give a high level overview of this new technology and a look at how it will impact the user experience of employees and managers. Finally, we'll deliver a live demo of this technology working on an Oracle HR system.

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  • Ivan Harding, Applaud Solutions

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PDFHow you can use ‘Virtual Assistants’ to Enhance your Service and Deliver Savings

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