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Living with Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

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Time: 6:30 PM - 7:15 PM

Track: Track 1

When I first worked with ASM over 10 years ago when ASM was called OSM, I remember thinking ASM would never be accepted by the DBA community in the real world and production databases would continue to run on file systems forever.   Now working for a large UK corporation who have fully embraced the technology I have become familiar with its strengths and weaknesses. 


Topics will include:-
- History of ASM
- Brief summary of functionality / redundancy types etc
- How to provision LUNs for ASM on Linux and Solaris in Clustered environments
- Troubleshooting Tools like kfed, dd etc.
- ASM in the Exadata environment
- One ASM 12c feature everyone must turn on!
- ASM oddities (e.g. diskgroups that appear full when they have no files on them!)

Presented by

  • Owen Ireland, BT

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PDFLiving with Automatic Storage Management (ASM) - Owen Ireland, BT

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