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Flash Storage for DBAs: You Can't Avoid it Any More

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Time: 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM

Track: Track 1

Remember when storage was somebody else’s problem? For many years, database administrators were able to live a higher existence, worrying about rollback segments and MAXEXTENTS settings but never needing to lower themselves to the depths of the infrastructure stack and think about where their precious datafiles were actually being stored. This all began to change with the introduction of Oracle ASM, which blurred the line between DBA and Storage Administrator. Now, a new generation of storage platforms known as All Flash Arrays (AFAs) are sweeping data centres worldwide, with far-reaching consequences for databases and the applications that use them. The aim of this session is to look at the impact of AFA storage on the DBA role – and to understand how to capitalise on it instead of being taken by surprise.

Presented by

  • Chris Buckel, Kaminario