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Oracle RAC in the Cloud: Options, Challenges, Solutions

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Time: 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM

Track: Track 1

Oracle Real Application Cluster (Oracle RAC) offers high-availability and scaling for mission-critical databases on commodity servers. However, it relies on shared highly-available storage and advanced network capabilities, such as multicast. This creates new challenges with migration to the cloud. In this session we will explore architectures and techniques for solving these challenges, including virtual network overlay for multicast, Oracle ASM capabilities for storage HA, and FlashGrid software for sharing “local” storage.
Language: English. Difficulty: Intermediate. Duration: 45 minutes.

Goals of the Session
1. Learn about available options for running Oracle RAC in the cloud.
2. Understand the challenges in the cloud compared to on-prem deployments.
3. Learn about ways to solve the unique problems that cloud presents to running Oracle RAC.

Tentative Agenda
A. Advantages of running Oracle RAC in the cloud
B. Types of cloud and their challenges when deploying Oracle RAC
1. VM-based cloud
2. Bare metal cloud
3. The shared storage challenge
4. The storage performance challenge
5. The network multicast challenge
C. Virtual network overlay for multicast
D. Sharing local storage with FlashGrid
E. Storage HA with Oracle ASM mirroring
F. Examples of Oracle RAC public cloud deployments

Presented by

  • Artem Danielov, FlashGrid Inc.
  • Emil Sildos, FlashGrid Inc.

Attached Documents

PDFOracle RAC in the Cloud: Options, Challenges, Solutions

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