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Finding Real World Bugs with Silicon Secured Memory, A Practitioners Guide

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Time: 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Track: Track 1

M7 is the 4th generation of Sparc processor since 2010. A major advance is the processor's intrusion protection, known as Silicon Secured Memory (SSM), which provides safeguard and monitoring capabilities built into the hardware, replacing the need for slow software-based instrumentation. SSM assigns a key to the memory blocks being allocated, this key is compared during execution, preventing inappropriate access to memory location outside the bounds of the SSM. This is done with no performance overhead.

Memory blocks are monitored in real time in order to identify illegal attempts at memory access, diagnose their cause and take appropriate action. This capability can help protect against programming errors as well as against malicious attacks such as the infamous Heartbleed security bug.

This presentations describe how and where to use this breakthrough technology with examples suitable for all levels.

Presented by

  • Clive King, Oracle