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To Boldly Go Where You Haven't Been Before ... Using DTrace to Explore Solaris

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Time: 5:15 PM - 6:15 PM

Track: Track 1

Getting performance data from the kernel, best in real time, becomes more and more important for complex or highly virtualized environments with many tenants. Interaction between guests but also the underlying kernel and sub-systems may cause ""bad neighbour"" behaviour impacting customer experience but hard to diagnose with respect to the root cause.

Following new trends will increase the demand for robust, low impact and easy to use analysis and monitoring tools capable of dealing with tricky latency and performance patterns in detail.

For more then 10 years DTrace is a kind of de facto standard other techniques need to be compared against. Despite it's age it's under active development and available for FreeBSD and MacOS however with reduced functionality comparing to Solaris or Illumos.

Unfortunately most SysAdmins and developers still consider DTrace a tool for ""kernel-hackers"" hard to understand and use. The talk will demonstrate that it doesn't take much effort to write your own scripts and boldly go to OS spaces you've never been before.

Presented by

  • Thomas Nau, Ulm University

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