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The 6 Things That Make Docker Perfect for Modern IT

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Time: 4:45 PM - 5:30 PM

Track: Track 1

This talk will cover the following 6 topics, using WebLogic as an example, I’ll cover the following key points of giving justifications as to why I think container based applications are perfect for modern IT

  1. Docker Abstraction: Docker what is it, and how it works in a nutshell, brief architectural overview including supporting services like flannel (Network abstraction)
  2. Docker Images & Layers: Deploy or build a new image based on an existing image
  3. Dockerfile: Automate the construction of Docker images
  4. Docker Registry: Store & Distribute Images
  5. Volume Drivers: Abstract the storage layer from the application
  6. Resource Schedulers: Build massively scalable on premise and cloud based applications with schedulers (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm).

Presented by

  • Anthony Macey, TMD Associates

Attached Documents

PDFThe 6 Things That Make Docker Perfect for Modern IT

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