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Taleo Strategy & Roadmap

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Time: 3:05 PM - 4:05 PM

Track: Track 1

In this session, Fabrice de Carne Carnavalet will present the new challenges that recruiting organisations are facing and how Oracle Talent Acquisition new capabilities are solving the sourcing issue. We will also discuss the other investment themes and give an overview of the next 12 month delivery plan for the Talent Acquisition Suite.

Top 3 things to take from this session are...

  • Learn why organisations that master candidate sourcing are more likely to solve their talent provisioning challenges.
  • Become familiar with 3 efficient sourcing technics that increase quality of applicants.
  • Learn how Oracle Sourcing cloud solution can be paired with Recruitment to support these 3 technics.


Presented by

  • Fabrice de CarnĂ© Carnavalet, Oracle

Attached Documents

PDFTaleo Strategy & Roadmap - Fabrice de Carné Carnavalet, Oracle

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