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UKOUG Testing PLSQL APIs with utPLSQL v3 Webinar

24th Oct 2018
12:00 - 13:00


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UKOUG Testing PLSQL APIS with utPLSQL v3 Webinar


In this session Jacek will explain the odds and ends of testing for PLSQL developers.
During the webinar you will learn to know
- What is the goal and reason for testing
- Why testing is an essential part of software development cycle
- What to test in PLSQL code
- Why test generators don't deliver promised value
- How continuous testing reduces risk and shortens delivery cycle
The webinar will be filled with examples and demoes of test for PLSQL code.
All of the above based on many years of experience in database development and test automation.
All examples built with utPLSQL v3: free, community-based, open-source unit testing framework for Oracle SQL and PLSQL.

About Jacek Gebal 

Co-author, lead architect, developer and custodian of utPLSQL v3.
Contributor to ruby-plsql and ruby-plsql-spec - Ruby unit testing framework for PLSQL

Software developer since 1998 with experience in design and development of data warehousing and OLTP systems for telecom, insurance and finance industries.
Obsessed with automation, Lean and Agile development, software testing and responsible software engineering.

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