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Birds of a Feather Informal discussion during lunch where like-minded people can collect in one area to discuss a pre-chosen topic.
Brainstorm A collection of ideas to resolve a mutual problem or dilemma without equipment to aid learning.
Breakout One session breaks into two or more parallel sessions to discuss topics relevant to the group.
Committee Meeting A meeting for all SIG Committee members & Oracle Liaisons to discuss issues, improvements and an opportunity to network.
Conference An event, of multiple streams, to be held over one to three days, which has more than one theme running throughout.
Fee Paying Event An event paid for by non-members and members who have exceeded their event pass allocations.
Help Desk A desk at SIGs that is run by Oracle to provide a demo of elements of functionality.
Interactive Session A two-way discussion in small groups with no aids (PowerPoint) other than a flip chart.
Open Forum A two-way discussion in larger groups with or without aids.
Open Session A time for Questions and Answers.
Special Interest Group (SIG) event A fee paying event which lasts one day and is based on one theme.
Special Event An event which lasts one day and is based on one theme, which may be charged to all attendees.
Streamed Session/Parallel Session Two or more separate presentations taking place during the same time in different rooms not relevant to the main session discussion.
Tutorial A classroom-style seminar with or without hardware support.
Workshop Two or more people using equipment to aid learning.