UK Oracle User Group

Case Studies

We can tell you about the benefits of being a member, but we prefer to let our members do the talking! Browse the case studies below to find out how people like you are getting value day to day.


David Hunt, Principal Partner, Interimco

Anyone who is a user of Oracle products or is an Oracle partner in the UK is missing out if they are not members of the UKOUG.

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Stuart Moore

Stuart Moore, Senior Oracle DBA - IT Manager

Over the years the UKOUG has been of great value to us in expanding our Oracle knowledge. We have benefitted from the experiences of our peers and in turn have passed on advice.

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Andrew Winsland

Andrew Winsland, Oracle Deployment Manager - Europe

The UKOUG is a knowledgeable community that shares, whatever challenges working with oracle may present, someone will be happy to provide their experiences and suggestions for meeting that challenge.

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Phil Wilkins

Phil Wilkins, Enterprise Integration Architect

UKOUG have proven to be a great source of information and insight, with an opportunity to communicate with people who actually make the products and technologies from Oracle work in a wide range of contexts.

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Sarah Cleaver

Sarah Cleaver, Oracle DBA

UKOUG members can learn from each other and the sense of community and support for my day to day work is unparalleled.

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Piet De Visser Piet de Visser, Database Consultant

I can certify that the user group is better value than most training.

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Ian Weetch Ian Weetch, IT Project Manager

If your organisation makes any significant use of Oracle products membership of UKOUG is almost certainly worthwhile and certainly worth considering.

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Brett Williams Brett Williams, Oracle DBA

Don't be afraid to stretch out of your comfort zone and engage with UKOUG. You'll greatly increase your technical and working knowledge of Oracle products and meet new peers in the process.

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Jo Bates Jo Bates, Senior Business Systems Analyst

I have made some good contacts with Oracle Support and have been able to get better escalation of some of our issues as a result [of being a member of UKOUG].

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Simon Haslam Simon Haslam, Principal Consultant

When you run a small company you don't have the social network that a large organisation offers so in some ways my UKOUG friends are more like work colleagues.

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Mark Williams Mark Williams, Application Architect

You don't have to continue your Oracle journey alone. Join UKOUG and realise the massive potential in combining minds and resources along the way.

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Joe Dorrian Joe Dorrian, Senior Oracle Developer

The UKOUG has been a real help to us as an Organisation to make sure we make the right decisions for our Oracle Applications going forward.

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Amit Gupta Amit Gupta, Oracle DBA

Joining the UKOUG is a great way to learn and network. One of the best uses of my time.

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Debra Lilley Debra Lilley, Independent Oracle Consultant

UKOUG gives you access to those who use the same Oracle products as you; the experts, the thought leaders and those who simply have their story to share, all of which helps you to get the best out of your investment.

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Andrew Davies Andrew Davies, Data Architect

UKOUG offers great opportunities to engage with your technology peers and take and share learning, knowledge and best practice from experts in the field. For those that have the appetite to become more involved, volunteering offers its own rich rewards and, as well as aiding personal development, you can give back some of what you do best.

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Richard Childe Richard Childe, Applications DBA/ADF Developer

If the business you're working for uses Oracle products, then it really makes sense to get ahead of the game and find out the latest from the UKOUG.

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