UK Oracle User Group

David Hunt

HuntDavid is the Prinicipal Partner at Interimco and a UKOUG Ambassador Partner

Why did you first engage with the user group?

I got involved with a JD Edwards partner in 2002 who later became a member of the Oracle Partner Network. As they were based in the UK it made sense to join the UKOUG to gain better access to the UK customer base.

What value did you find through UKOUG?

I have sponsored various conferences, written a number of articles for Oracle Scene magazine, presented at a number of JD Edwards conferences and SIGs, attended conferences and participated in the partner network meetings. Through active participation I have got to know a great number of Oracle Partners and customers. Some of these have become good friends and it has helped me provide independent management services to a number of UKOUG partner members to develop and improve their businesses.

What about UKOUG membership has surprised you?

How friendly and accessible members are. The UKOUG is like a big friendly club where I regularly meet partners, customers and friends.

Is there a specific example where engaging with UKOUG has had a direct beneficial result for you and your company?

At one PeopleSoft conference I got chatting to a delegate about the services I provide to my clients. He put me in contact with a friend of his who was running a small specialist IT consulting firm but needed management assistance. This resulted in ongoing management services contracts. Oh, and by the way, this client is now a UKOUG partner member.

What are the top three reasons you would recommend membership to another Oracle user?

1.    To keep up to date with product developments from Oracle
2.    To meet the partners and learn how they can help your business
3.    Learn from others and how they have benefitted from using Oracle and their partners’ products and services

Any final comments?

Anyone who is a user of Oracle products or is an Oracle partner in the UK is missing out if they are not a member of the UKOUG. More senior managers from Oracle customers should attend the conferences, so they can learn first-hand how various technologies and solutions can help their businesses.