UK Oracle User Group

Stuart Moore

Stuart MooreStuart is responsible for all technical aspects of Oracle in his role at CSR; from databases to developers to applications, including non-Oracle applications.

Why did you first engage with the user group?

To stop us feeling like we were doing it alone! To use the UKOUG communities find out what our peers are doing and see if that can fit into our Oracle real estate.

What SIG/s do you attend and why do you find them informative?

I attend the OEBS (Oracle E-Business Suite) and BI SIGS. I also send as many of my team as possible to the SIGs specific to their areas of expertise. They are a great place to network and see what others have done. There is no point in reinventing the wheel!

Is there a specific example where engaging with UKOUG has had a direct beneficial result for you and your company?

The one which springs to mind is in the BI space. At a BI event in London there was a pertinent presentation where a company has just gone through a similar BI implementation to one we were starting. I spoke to the presenter after the event and based on her experiences good and bad, brought this back to our own implementation.

What are the top three reasons you would recommend membership to another Oracle user?

1. Using the knowledge of the community.
2. Keep up to date with the latest, and not so latest, Oracle news.
3. Networking at Oracle events.

Any final comments?

Over the years the UKOUG has been of great value to us in expanding our Oracle knowledge. We have benefitted from the experiences of our peers and in turn have passed on advice. The newsletters are informational and the events run by the UKOUG are invaluable in gaining insight into what Oracle are doing and the latest best practice.