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Responsibilities of the main contact

What is a main contact?

Every UKOUG membership must have a nominated main contact, who will be an individual employed by the organisation. They will receive all notices and correspondence relating to the administration of the membership and will be the person who authorises requests for conference tickets by any of their colleagues.

Main contacts are responsible for:

    • Promoting the benefits of UKOUG to your organisation, the more people that take advantage of the benefits we offer the more value you will gain from your investment
    • Owning the Conference day entitlement and issuing those included in the membership package colleagues. You must have a UKOUG online profile to do this
    • Ensuring the membership subscriptions are paid in a timely manner. Please familiarise yourself with our renewal process, you will be notified 60 days prior to your membership expiring, please do look out for these emails
    • Managing the number of contacts using the membership. Only people within your organisation, who are authorised to use the membership's benefits should be given the membership number. Once people have this number they are able to add themselves to the membership online and use the benefits. Your colleagues can add themselves via create a profile
      The main contact can add and delete contacts once logged in here

    • Voting in UKOUG elections, or passing the membership vote to a better placed person in the organistion
    • Payment of fees for any additional member event places booked unless your colleagues have paid using a credit card
    • Informing UKOUG of any key changes to the membership's information to include: address change, email change, telephone change, which can all be amended once logged in here
      - To change a company's name, please email
    • Nominating/authorising a change of main contact
      -  To request this change, please email:

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