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Securing Your First Job

Just how easy is it to get a job in the Oracle sector on graduating?

If you've recently received your university degree results, you're no doubt thinking about your next steps into employment and priming your CV for a slew of applications. The good news is, the Oracle sector is a great target for skilled and talented individuals with the right skillset and desire to succeed, and recruiting is particularly strong right now, with some excellent opportunities and exciting career paths available.

Routes into the industry

Many graduates ask how easy it is to get a job in the Oracle sector upon graduation. Like all sectors within the current economic climate, there are good jobs available, but the competition is high. This means that you must position yourself strongly and potentially be open to receiving a salary at the lower end of the spectrum to get into a good role, and then progress within a company. Another good route to success is to do as much relevant training within the field as you can, as this rapidly boosts your earning power potential.

Candidates with a computer science or related degree coupled with a genuine interest to work with one of the worlds leading technologies should have a very competitive proposition – Symatrix, Oracle Partner

Make sure you are demonstrably eager, talented and keen to succeed - and your perseverance will pay off!

Graduate schemes

Bear in mind that all big companies within the field run graduate employment schemes and other training schemes, including apprenticeships, work experience and internships. Graduate schemes will tend to have long recruitment processes and annual intake dates, so make sure you get your application in on time. Expect an initial telephone interview, followed by online testing, an assessment centre and interview. Competition for graduate schemes can be incredibly strong, but the rewards of winning a position are very compelling. Having said that, don't worry if you don't get a space on a formal graduate training scheme, as there are plenty of routes into the industry.

Almost every client we work with has some form of graduate intake and/or training scheme, from the big 4 to independent consultancies. There is also considerable breadth in the type of training opportunities offered, ranging from highly technical, for those who would be more interested in growing a career in the software or coding side, to the functional side, which focuses on how the company actually uses the system in their day to day business. There are a lot of companies who want to train you up to become the future superstars of their company.  Alison Mulligan, Head of BI & Key Accounts, Maximus IT

Use your head

There is plenty of opportunity for graduates in the Oracle sector, and the range of roles and employers is broad. Many graduates choose to go down the consultancy route or to work in-house with Oracle filed companies. Others will specialise in project management, training, implementation, development or other fields. Think broadly and laterally. If you can't find an entry-level role in the function you want to work in, establish whether there is another point of entry, and then work across to it.

Get your foot in the door

Make sure your CV is perfected and that you tailor it, along with your covering letter, for every Oracle position you apply to. Develop a good working relationship with recruiters working in the field and make sure you are proactive in nurturing that relationship so that they think of you when a new role is made available. Take all opportunities to train within the field, or in aligned and supporting fields such as management, communication, project management, finance and so forth.

The good news for current students is that the market is continuing to improve. Oracle companies are working to develop their talent and the volume and breadth of opportunity has grown rapidly over the past three years. This means that you’re looking to gain employment in a high growth industry at a very exciting time - and the potential is vast!

Engaging with initiatives like UK Oracle User Group’s Next Gen can help you build relationships with potential employers and get a step ahead of the competition – find out more.