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It’s all well and good parents, career advisors and tutors telling you what you need to do to make yourself the most attractive employment prospect out there on the market, but despite their good intentions we know that there’s only so much advice you’re going to listen to from the older generation because ‘things have changed since their day’, right?!

It's more helpful for you to hear from your peers so, with the help of our friends at Maximus IT, we’re asking people like you about their experiences of getting their first jobs in the world of Oracle & IT.


Laura Stockley, Junior Consultant, eBiz Answers Ltd

     Laura Stockley 

Nahla Nasser, Oracle Applications Consultant, Capgemini

     Nahla Nasser

Peter Emeagwali, Oracle Applications Consultant, Capgemini

     Peter Emeagwali

Shazna Begum, Oracle Applications Consultant, Capgemini

     Shazna Begum

Harry Snart, Oracle Applications Consultant, Capgemini

    Harry Snart


If you've graduated in the last 2 years, tell us about your IT-related job hunting experiences

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